About the CCP

In the 1964 election, the CCP was successful in electing Dr. Charles Wheeler to the office of County Coroner. Two years later the CCP fielded a slate of eight candidates and won all but one office. In 1968, the new county officials, along with the CCP, placed before the voters the single largest bond package for public improvement in Jackson County history. With the passage of eight separate ballot measures, money was authorized for the Jackson County Sports Complex, Truman Medical Center, new roads and bridges and a massive expansion of the county's park system.

ext project for the CCP was the Home Rule Charter for Jackson county. It was approved by the voters in 1970. Throughout the 1970's the CCP continued to support progressive candidates successfully for county and state offices. CCP members became State Auditor Members of Congress, County Executive, State Representatives and County Legislators. Many were appointed to public boards and commissions.

In 1985 the CCP led a petition drive to amend the County Charter to reduce the size of the County Legislature from 15 to nine members. Voters approved the amendment by 71 percent.

Today, CCP has a diverse group of more than 150 members from all over Jackson County, and is guided by its bylaws and an executive board elected by the membership:

Since CCP's inception, its commitment to promoting excellence in public service has made the CCP endorsement for candidates in county and state races highly coveted, as is its support of its endorsed candidates. The CCP also works to place members on state boards and commissions in order to assure Jackson County representation at the state level. CCP has also been a leader in hosting candidate debates, public forums on ballot and other issues, and in all other respects working to be a resource to Democrats everywhere.

Officers and Board of Directors

Our Mission

The CCP is a Democratic political reform organization established in 1964 to reform and restructure Jackson County government. It recruits, screens and supports progressive candidates for county and state offices and takes a leadership role in promoting needed public improvement issues.



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